Jessica DiBiase

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Jessica is the first American Female Master of Sport in the Long Cycle and one of the first women in the world to compete in the traditional Biathlon (jerk and snatch) with the 20kg kettlebell.  She is also one of only two American born female lifters to hold Master of Sport rank in both Biathlon and Long Cycle.  In 2011 Jessica earned the title of IUKL World Champion in the 16kg Snatch event after a two year hiatus due to the birth of her son.  Jessica is a  Certified Kettlebell Lifting Coach in addition to the her extensive experience as a performance trainer and fitness instructor.  She is also the co-author of Ice Chamber Prenatal Workout DVD available on

What Jessica remembers most about becoming Master of Sport: “My legs felt like Jello and my arms were tingling; I could barely feel my fingers and all I knew was that I had 23 more seconds and 2 reps to go to make MS.  Maya, my coach, was staring me straight in the eyes with a look that said, ‘I know you can do this’ and then she reminded me to make the bell as light as possible by using MORE legs.  I didn’t have any left at 9:50, but I pushed through one last time.  When it was over I collapsed into the arms of my coaches and the rest of my team and felt a sense of total relief, satisfaction, and sheer joy.”


Jessica holds a Masters Degree in Organizational Communication and draws from her background as a competitive triathlete and former gymnast to build the mental fortitude required for Kettlebell Sport. When not competing, Jessica serves as the President of Majestev, Inc – the designer and manufacturer of KettleGuard, the #1 wrist protection device for kettlebell lifting.