Sara Nelson

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Sara Nelson, Master of Sport

Sara is a 9x Kettlebell Sport Champion and one of the best 60kg lifters in the country.  She is ranked Master of Sport in the 24kg Long Cycle and Candidate for Master of Sport in the 20kg Biathlon, and is also an accomplished certified Kettlebell Lifting Coach.

Here are Sara’s notable results:

2013 West Coast Kettlebell Sport Classic – 60kg, 1st Place 18kg Biathlon

2010 AKC Classic – 60kg, 1st Place 20kg Biathlon
2010 World Kettlebell Lifting Championships – 60kg, 1st Place 24kg Long Cycle
2010 Reebok Long Cycle Championships – 60kg, 1st Place 24kg Long Cycle

In 2011, Sara took a hiatus from competition for the birth of her twins, but she’s ready for 2013!

On combining kettlebells with 5-10K races: “Running is a wonderful supplement to kettlebell lifting because it helps build the aerobic capacity that is central to KB Sport.  I also run to loosen my back & hips and to help clear my mind in preparation for extended sets.”

When not competing, Sara enjoys teaching group fitness at the Ice Chamber, cooking, and running middle distance races.