Elena Yurysheva Interview

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World Champion and Master of Sport, Elena Viktorovna Yurysheva

Master of Sport, Elena  Yurysheva is from the Vologodskaya region in the city of Vytegra, Russia.  She is 25 years old and weighs between 60-61 kilograms.  Elena credits her coach, Vyacheslav  Ogarev, for helping her become one of the first women in the world to snatch the 24kg kettlebell over 120 times in competition.  Here are a few of Elena’s opinions on women’s participation in the sport and about her goal to break a world record this year…

Maya: Please tell us how you became involved in Kettlebell Sport.

Elena: I practiced a variety of sports, but in our small city it was only possible to achieve great success in kettlebell sport, and because of a strong coach!! We don’t have the possibility of doing some other kind of sport (not in gyms or in stadiums). And by nature I’m active and I’m more attracted to active sports.

Maya: What are some of your personal records?

Elena: Snatch 16 kg kettlebell – 220 times. Snatch 24 kg kettlebell 121 times!

Elena's most recent PR on the platform was 121 snatches with the 24 kg kettlebell

Maya: What Championship titles do you hold?

Elena: World Champion and Champion of Europe

Maya: Tell us about your training regimen.

Elena: I try to train everyday for two hours, but it doesn’t always work.  I train alone because I train at home!

Maya: How do you feel about female kettlebell lifters performing jerks and participating in the Biathlon?

Elena: It’s very good that they are competing in the jerk and in the biathlon.  First of all, it’s interesting!  Secondly, there are more opportunities to prove oneself. Thirdly, because of the increase in the number of female athletes.  Whatever each person does better in, that is what they should compete in.

Maya: Do you perform jerks in training for the snatch?

Elena: Yes, I always do jerks in the training process. I jerk one and two 16 kg kettlebells and I also jerk 20kgs, but of course, just for a little bit.

"I always do jerks in the training process. I jerk one and two 16 kg kettlebells and I also jerk 20kgs..." -Elena

Maya: Do you go to school or are you working?

Elena: I work at the city sports committee as a senior instructor-methodologist.  I don’t have any free time; I work more during my breaks and if it happens that I get free time, then I train!

Maya: What advice do you have for people just starting out?

Elena: Of course they need patience because they won’t get it right away and results don’t happen immediately!

Maya: What are your aspirations for the future?

Elena: To complete the standard for MSWC (Master of Sports World Class) although I have already completed it [in training].  …and to achieve a world record in my weight class!