The 16kg Lives On

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International Friendship Tournament of Kettlebell Lifting
Summer Series Part 1
June 23, 2013

Welcome to the inaugural tournament for the benefit of friendship and professional development in the sport of kettlebell lifting.

Part 1 of the Summer Series will determine an Absolute Champion in each of the following categories:

Snatch Only 8kg
Snatch Only 12kg
Snatch Only 16kg
Score: Snatch = 1 point

Biathlon 16kg
Biathlon 20kg
Biathlon 24kg
Score: (Jerk = 2 points) + (Snatch = 1 point)

There are no body weight classes for this tournament. One Absolute Champion will be awarded per Kettlebell weight category.

Your competition location will be determined by the hosting team in your country. Please contact the participating teams on the list below to secure a location for your competition performance. Entry fees will be determined by the hosting team of your competition location. If you can not make it to the hosting team location, please contact the hosting team to make arrangements accordingly.

Hosting Teams:

Kettlebell Garage (Australia)

Giryatrija Zagreb (Croatia)

The Foundry (Canada)

Iron Bell Fitness (Canada)

Kilkenny Kettlebell Club (Ireland)

Ivan Denisov Kettlebell Club (Russia)

Scottish Kettlebell Club (Scotland)

Slovenian Kettlebell Club (Slovenia)

Team Lockout (USA)

Ice Chamber (USA)

Girya Courage Club (USA)

For more information please contact