Sayaka’s New Sport

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In February of this year, Sayaka Matsumoto-Torra (member of the 2008 US Olympic Team in Judo) entered her first kettlebell sport competition; the video below captured the moment she battled it out with a 12kg (26lbs.) against her fellow Ice Chamber lifter, Monica Rodriguez. Fun times! Most importantly though, the video documented Sayaka’s progress by capturing her starting point and also her well-crafted winning spirit.

Kettlebell Sport enthusiasts know that development of technique can’t be faked in just seven months, neither can repetitions overhead. GS fans are excited and inspired by Sayaka’s progress… and she continues to motivate others by sharing her passion for human performance with her fellow ICKB lifters. We are the lucky ones to learn from her mental fortitude which is critical to surviving 10 minutes with the 16kg! Here is Sayaka’s 16kg (36 lbs.) snatch set in NYC on August 23, 2014: