ICKB Lifter, Julie B. Earns CMS

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“There is very little that can stop her (except picking up Margaret from her soccer games). She has the determination that is required to make MS.” – Julie’s coach, Steve


Julie Brady has been in our kettlebell program at the Ice Chamber since its inception in 2008. As a busy professional and active mother, Julie developed a solid relationship with her training regimen from the start: kettlebell lifting was a supplement to her already full life.

Several times throughout each year however, her schedule changes and Julie is known to switch gears back to her competitive kettlebell spirit.  Julie makes big strides forward whenever she is fully immersed in kettlebell sport.

As a family of IC kettlebell lifters, we were honored when Julie revealed to us that she had recently been diagnosed with learning challenges relating to attention deficit.  Her honest and courageous approach to this personal development has deepened our respect for Julie.  She is already a champion in our hearts just by being herself: fit, powerful, and dedicated to everything and everyone she cares for in and out of the gym.

Julie’s love for kettlebell sport paid off in a big way last month.  She made a commitment to Long Cycle and quickly eased into the 20kg (approx. 44lbs.) kettlebell clean & jerk.  In Las Vegas at the IUKL World Cup, Julie earned 93 repetitions and reached a milestone she’s been wanting all along: she earned her Candidate for Master of Sport (CMS) rank!

Here is the video of her set: