One Year of Real Training

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“One of my favorite things about group KB practice is the wide variety of exercises that help me wash the day away and get warmed up.”



Shai-El Andrews was training at the Ice Chamber when we first introduced Kettlebell Sport in 2008.  She enjoyed the process of learning technique and skill-based drills, but when she relocated out of our local area, she couldn’t make it to practice anymore.  Fortunately for us, Shai-El rejoined our kettlebell classes a year ago after she had her first baby.  She now works diligently on her technique and endurance and recently competed in Las Vegas at the Mr. Olympia Expo!  We checked-in with Shai-El to find out the top reasons she began to love to lift.  In her words…

Five things that got me hooked as I began my KB journey:

1.  It was so hard! Ripped hands and sore muscles, I could not get enough.

2.  The physical challenge, yes. But also the mental engagement. My mind would be spinning as practice ended, and I’d be thinking “I can’t wait to do that again.”

3.  The reward and satisfaction of one good rep. Good (and not so great) sets came a little later, but in the very beginning, the progress was felt one rep at a time.

4.  A new sense of self. Kettlebells helped me discover strengths that I honestly did not know existed in me, in lifting and beyond.

5.  The people. From all walks of life and all fitness levels. I instantly gained some very dear friends through kettlebell sport.

-Hooked (aka Shai-El)