Our kettlebell teacher, Steve

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“Steven Khuong taught me most of what I know about Kettlebell Sport, and coached me to my Master of Sport ranking… Despite shying from the limelight, Steve is a high-level, well-respected Kettlebell Sport coach with a wealth of knowledge.

He is one of the best American coaches in the sport, having produced 7 Master of Sport athletes, 2 Master of Sport World Class level athletes, and the top-ranking female snatcher in USA Kettlebell Sport, Melissa Swanson.”

-Brittany V.S.


Steve Khuong, pictured above with ICKB champ, Melissa S., in Tyumen, Russia.

You have coached 7 Master of Sport lifters. What have you learned from being a coach that might help other coaches be successful?

Steve: One key factor to being successful is really enjoying what we do. It helps of course to love the sport for the sport itself, not merely for extrinsic values such as results, accolades, or fame.  It also helps to love coaching because it brings us closer to building connections with others. Concepts such as technical understanding and programming will come in time by default, but for me being a good coach is really about developing genuine lasting relationships with my students.

Another factor is that “it takes a village.” I would not be successful without the positive contributions of our team members and coaches at the Ice Chamber. Not only are all of them great lifters, but they are phenomenal people. They are generous with their time, supportive of each other, and most importantly, forgiving when I’ve made mistakes. It would be difficult to be a good coach without having good people first.

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