Reset in 2015

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Rather than focus on a New Year’s resolution, the beginning of each year is a wonderful time to press reset and establish basic fitness and exercise goals unique to your lifestyle. The focus though should really be about creating positive emotional associations with any new stimulus or schedule.  The importance of this phase eventually leads to building mental tenacity as the demands of strength and endurance increase.

Here are three helpful guidelines:

1. Enjoy the activity. There are some who yearn for the wide open space of the outdoors cycling long distances while others prefer the privacy of a backyard workout lifting kettlebells and taking sips of coffee in between sets; others just love hip group workouts. Whatever the activity, developing that “psychological fitness” is about engaging in an activity which allows you to feel connected and accomplished so you come back for more.

2. Choose a strong mindset.  A positive intention is about ensuring your body is open to receiving the movement, flexibility and balance it needs in order to function optimally. “I need to look good in my new jeans” is a sexy reason, but it is an extrinsic motivation and will be short-lived. Exercise for enjoyment is motivation in its purest form. In fact, if we can connect our own motivations to how we were when we were children, the motivation will be kept alive with success, freedom and fun, adding quality and years to your life.

3. Program includes a combination of cardiovascular and functional resistance training.  Haven’t we heard this advice a billion times already?!  Well, it’s because it’s true.