Ksenia – 6 Years of Progress

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“Strive to achieve top results and don’t give up in failure; in fact, the most important thing is willingness and desire.” -Ksenia

ksenia ryleeKsenia Dediukhina is the current undisputed World Champion in the 24kg Snatch at both the 63kg weight class as well as the absolute division. However, before she became the lifter she is today, she was just an aspiring teenager with a tremendous love of Kettlebell Sport and a respect for the process.

We have been tracking Ksenia’s progress since 2008. Below is the interview we conducted with Ksenia 6 years ago when she was just 19 years old.  The archive serves not only as a historic record of a developing world champion, but also as anecdotal narrative to inspire new lifters.

Check out these comparative videos of Ksenia’s progress from 2009 vs. 2015.

We hope you enjoy reading about Ksenia’s journey.


ICKBGIRLS archives circa 2009:

19 yr. old Master of Sport, Ksenia Igorevna

Master of Sport, Ksenia Dediukhina was first introduced to kettlebells by her father and coach, Igor Vladimirovich, but she is now training under World Champion, Ivan Denisov in the Chelayabinskaya region of Russia. At just 19 years of age and 61 kgs body weight, KB Sport enthusiasts around the globe marvel at the way she manipulates her small frame to snatch the 24 kg kettlebell in the triple digits.  For Ksenia, her snatch technique involves finding two points of weightlessness, mastering proper breathing patterns, incorporating full use of the feet and torso, and… chalk.

Here’s more of what Ksenia has to say about her training:

Maya: Please tell us how you became involved in Kettlebell Sport.

Ksenia: My dad got me into kettlebell sport completely by accident… By chance there weren’t enough girls on the team at the regional competitions and my dad invited his daughter to try it out.  :)

Maya: What are some of your Personal Records?

Ksenia: With the 16 kilogram kettlebell, 224 repetitions; with the 24 kilogram kettlebell, 120 repetitions.

Maya: What Championship titles do you hold?

Ksenia: Champion of Russia in 2009, Winner of the Russian Cup in 2009

Ksenia in the first minute of her 24 kg snatch contest

Maya: How often do you train? How long are your training sessions?

Ksenia: I train from 1-2 hours with kettlebells 2-3 times per week.

Maya: Do you train alone or with a kettlebell team?

Ksenia: No, plenty of other girls train in my gym, but each one has their own individual training plan.

Maya: How do you feel about female kettlebell lifters performing jerks and participating in Biathlon?

Ksenia: I find it very interesting and a bit out of the ordinary (for me).

Maya: Do you perform jerks in training for the snatch?

Ksenia: I’ve never done the jerk in training.

Ksenia with her coach, World Champ Ivan Denisov (pictured left)

Maya: Do you go to school or are you working?

Ksenia: I study at the Chelyabinsk State Agro-engineering Academy.

Maya: What do you like to do when you are not training or competing?

Ksenia: I love movies and music. In the winter, I like to ski.

Maya: Do you have any advice for other women wanting to compete in Kettlebell Sport?

Ksenia: Don’t be afraid to start.  Listen to your coach and believe in him.  Strive to achieve top results and don’t give up in failure; in fact, the most important thing is willingness and desire!  Bright, memorable victories are not only in the sport, but also in life!

Maya: What are your aspirations for the future?

Ksenia: My dream is to achieve all of the goals that are set for me in competition, the ones that I am constantly striving to achieve.  (And I have a lot of goals.) :)  In terms of my education and career, I’m studying to be a teacher of professional education in agro-industrial economics and enterprise management.  But, I think that I will get a second higher degree.  I’m definitely still undecided about what I want to do…

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