Return of the Mack

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Recovery from knee injuries unleashed the superhero in Janet Mack! She is knocking down barriers she once deemed impossible to overcome. Ten minutes at 17 rpms with the 16kg kettlebell? Done. On several occasions in competition.

At 58, Janet is most proud of being able to live and breathe kettlebell sport alongside her 15 year old daughter Miranda. Yep, CMS Miranda. According to Janet, “I didn’t expect kettlebells to bring us closer, but it really has.” The two of them train with Steve and Sara five days a week, pain-free.  Janet and Miranda love to lift kettlebells.

Today we salute ICKB-Mama Janet for having the heart of a true girevik. She has also been a tremendous role model for Miranda to experience kettlebells without an ounce of pressure to commit or perform. Miranda’s historic achievements in the sport of kettlebell lifting belong to Miranda. Janet can’t be more proud of her daughter!


1 Comment

  1. C Duff

    March 6, 2015 at 8:41 am

    this was one of the most exciting sets I have ever seen! Great Job Janet! Loved it!