Back on my Workout, Back on my Regimen

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Let’s start off by saying we LOVE Kettlebell Sport, but sometimes we get burned out – with all the focus on reps, PRs, competitions…

sheila jess

In those moments, we want nothing more than to forget about our GS struggles, get our ‘hair-did and just work out – NOT Train for sport.  If you ever experience these feelings, here are 3 simple short workouts that are guaranteed to help you kick the GS blues.  All you need is a suspension trainer and a kettlebell (and a pair of KettleGuards – shameless plug) and you’re ready to rock.

Workout #1 is for all levels including beginners.

Workout #2 is for intermediate folks who are ready to do some plyometric movements.

Workout #3 is for advanced folks who can snatch and do pull-ups.

Now go get ’em!