Green is the New Black

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…black belt that is. For Sayaka elite athletic contests and hard-earned advancement are familiar experiences, but whereas she spent her life excelling in Judo (2008 U.S. Olympic Team), she has only spent 18 months lifting kettlebells for sport which makes her new double CMS rank extraordinary. Her numbers increased in training at an accelerated rate and have now officially put Sayaka on the kettlebell map since she delivered her best on the platform at the 2015 CKA Canadian Nationals. She set two new 20kg AKA North American records in the 58kg weight class along the way!


Sayaka attributes her recent success to good old fasion hard work.  Admittedly, she does not have the natural talent nor experience as the more senior members of the ICKB team do.  But for what she lacked in the talent department, she made up in volume.  Sayaka has logged more training hours than any other member of the ICKB Girls in the past 12 months.

In addition to completing all of her workouts and watching training videos daily, she makes time to do the mundane skill practice that most would avoid – tens of thousands of reps with the 8kg.

Just two days after her success in Edmonton, Sayaka sent her coaching staff new goals. We think she is inching closer to the Green bell.