Norway’s Female Masters of Sport Breaking Records

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Lifting quietly under the radar in the Scandinavian Peninsula are three Norwegian women whose recent achievements have raised the bar for GS athletes in Europe and abroad.  Ina Ruud Winther, Ellen Hammering, and Beate Kårstad Støfring set a number of European records (weight class and absolute) in the traditional and women’s double kettlebell sport events within the past 12 months. We salute all GS ladies who are so deserving of international recognition, but especially more so when they have all risen from the same team (coach)!  Enjoy the interview below:

Where do you live?

INA: I live in Oslo, Norway.

ELLEN: In Oslo, Norway.

BEATE: Gold Coast, Australia (recently moved).

Who is your coach?

INA: Mauricio Kjelder is coaching me – he was the one who introduced me to the sport, and he has been my coach ever since. No one will ever inspire me as much as he does!

ELLEN: Mauricio Kjeldner.

BEATE: Mauricio Kjeldner.


Do you belong on a team?

INA: I belong in a club – we call ourself Valhalla Kettlebell club, and our basis is in the gym where I work. That”s the team I lift for in most competition, but whenever it’s a IUKL world or european championship, I lift for our national team, as long as i am able to qualify.

ELLEN: Valhalla Kettlebell Club.

BEATE: No, not anymore. (moved to Australia)

When did you start Kettlebell Sport?

INA: I started the 5th of December, 2013. Mauricio was my trainer at that point, and for some reason I remember it very well – he asked me which date is was, and said that I had to remember it forever, because it was the day I started lifting kettlebells. I always do as he asks me, so I can still remember it!


ELLEN: Approximately 3 years ago

BEATE: Started lifting October 2014.

What is your competition body weight category?

INA: I lift in -58kg.

ELLEN: +68

BEATE: +68kg

What is your rank and your best results in competition?

INA: I was the first Norwegian girl to get Master of Sport according to our ranking system – I did it in One Arm Long Cycle with 24kg, 85 reps, at the Valhalla Easter Sprint 2016.  I also have CMS in Double LC, 2 x 20kg 51 reps.  And unofficial CMS in Snatch, 20kg (from when I did 120 reps in training).
Snatch  16kg – 200 reps (Silver in 2015 IUKL World Championship).

ELLEN: Master of Sport in OALC with 24kg 110 reps in Valhalla Easter Sprint 2016. CMS Snatch 20kg 176 reps in Valhalla Open 2015.  24kg snatch 107 reps Norwegian Championship 2015.


BEATE: MS in Long cycle 2 x 20kg 76 repetition Cup of Scandinavia 2015. MSIC in Long cycle 2 x 24kg 60 repetition Arnold Classic Australia 2016. Long Cycle 2x16kg 111 repetitions in Norwegian Championship 2015.

Who is your favorite Kettlebell Sport athlete?

INA: I’ve got three – two male, Djoni Benidze and Ivan Belyaev, and my female favorite is Beate Kårstad Støfring.

ELLEN: Ksenia and the amazing/crazy other girls on my team!

BEATE: Ina Ruud Winther

What are your future goals in competition?

INA: I’m planning to increase my numbers with double bells, and to go professional in snatch. The first goal is to do 60 reps with 2 x 20kg in Long Cycle, and 120 with 24kg in Snatch. Most of all I want to be proud of my results, no matter if it’s a personal best or not.

ELLEN: Hopefully MS in snatch during 2016 (130 reps).

BEATE: To take the world record in LC 2 x 24kg. And to make 10 min in snatch with 24kg.

Do you play other sports?

INA: No! I want to run an ultra marathon and I love to do weight lifting, but the first one is just a dream, and weightlifting is just what I do in the gym whenever I am allowed to do whatever I want to.

ELLEN: Just some weightlifting

BEATE: Little bit weightlifting and soccer some times.

Tell us something about yourself that has nothing to do with Kettlebell Sport?

INA: I get easily addicted to stuff – like Game of Thrones, protein bars and Pepsi Max.

ELLEN: I sing and play guitar and I participated in the Norwegian The Voice. I am an oncology nurse full time :)

BEATE: I would probably have won chewing gum competition. Can’t live without it.