Kettle Guard

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Padded wrist guards custom designed for kettlebell lifters!

Avoid forearm discomfort with adjustable inserts for varying levels of protection against impact.  360 degrees of padding.  Slim fit for ease of use.  Pulls on and off like standard sweat bands.  Lite weight, machine washable, one size fits all.  Sweat absorbent.

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“The Kettle Guards are a big improvement over both the simple wrist bands and wraps.  They have a thin profile but they offer a lot of support as they are reinforced with flexible plastic strips that slide inside the wraps.  I had no discomfort issues either from the inserts or the weight of the bells.  I did my long cycle set and then I used them for a strongman set of jerks and cleans with the 40kg bell at the AKC booth.  I also used them at home in similar sets with 48 and 53kg bells.  Once you get into those heavier bells you clearly are placing more demand on the wrist and additional support is welcome.  These worked great.  They absorb sweat as well as anything else I have tried, so the hands stay dry.  That is important.  Suffice it to say I really like these.”
Dr. Scott Helsley, Master of Sport
U.S. Record Holder in the Long Cycle

“I always encourage wrist guards when starting kettlebell training and these are the best on the market.”
Henry V. Marshall, AOS
Head Trainer, Punch Kettlebell Gym
Austin, TX